In an effort to support up-and-coming industry workers, Ambulance Service Australia has recently implemented a Student Ambulance Paramedic (SAP) program. The SAP program has been designed specifically for students completing a Paramedic degree. It offers students valuable hands on experience in an ambulance environment and includes a remuneration package.

This program is open to second and third year Paramedic degree students. It allows students to work in an interactive, on site environment and learn from highly qualified Paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics. Over time students will be exposed to a wide variety of environments including racetracks and other events.

Throughout the program students are tutored and required to complete practical assessments tasks. Students will be assessed on each individual skill, drug knowledge and intervention by Paramedic SAP program supervisors.  The program has been devised so students receive both practical and theoretical experience whilst being paid to work. It also provides students with documented evidence of having been deemed competent through clinical evaluations that could be vital for their future careers.

Applications are now being sought for the SAP program. To be eligible students must:

  1. be currently enrolled in a second or third year paramedical degree
  2. have successfully completed the core degree components required in first and second year.
Please submit your application which should include a cover letter (1 page) and short curriculum vitae (no more than 4 pages) with supporting documents to the appropriate email address on our CONTACT page.